Patient Welfare Programme

Patient Welfare Programme

Policy Statement

"Needy patients will be supported without any discrimination for their treatment at AKUH" 

In keeping with its mission, Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) endeavours to provide access to its medical services, to needy patients who may not, on account of financial difficulties, be able to afford normal Hospital charges. 

More than 70 per cent of the over 600,000 patients who visit AKUH every year are from low and middle income households. Often they cannot bear the full cost of their medical treatment. In place since the Hospital was established, the Patient Welfare Programme financially assists needy patients, regardless of religion, gender, race, colour, creed or domicile. 

Facts and Figures 

Amount of Welfare Assistance Provided from 1986 to 2015
During its first year, in 1986, the Patient Welfare Programme provided Rs 3.4 million in welfare assistance. Since then, the need has grown dramatically. Till 2015 Rs. 6.7 billion has been spent, benefiting over 1.5 million needy inpatients and outpatients. One in every four patients admitted in General Ward is a welfare-assisted patient.

​Year ​Welfare Disbursed
​1986 (First Year) ​Rs 3.4 million
2013​ ​Rs 698 million
​2014 Rs 895 million​
​2015 Rs 1.31 billion​

​Sources of Funds for Welfare Assistance 
Patient Welfare Assistance is funded in several ways. Most importantly, through an endowment created specifically for this purpose. Other funding sources include:

  • Annual giving: The University's many donors generously contribute to the fund, and their annual donations are disbursed to welfare patients through the fund.
  • Hospital revenues: Part of the Hospital's revenues are contributed to the Welfare fund.
  • Profit from sale of greeting cards: The Hospital designs, prints and sells its own greeting cards. The revenue from the sales is earmarked for the fund.

Surplus from sales of Gift, Flower and Tuck shops: The profits from the volunteer run shops is contributed towards the Welfare fund.