Open-Heart Surgery

Open-Heart Surgery

Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) offers package prices for major Open Heart Surgeries including:

  • Coronary Bypass
  • Valvotomy
  • Atrial /Ventricular Septal Defect and Valve Replacement* (Mitral / Aortic) surgeries. 

This package price would enable the patients to control their costs, as well as benefit from the expertise of a team of qualified and experienced professionals in this field.

The eligibility for the package will be determined by the doctor after examining the patient. The patient has the option to select the bed category.

*Prices  for this package will be revised in January, 2016
*Please re-confirm prior to surgery

Bed Category​ Average Length of Stay​ Package Price
 Ward​ 8 days Rs 325,000
Semi-Private 8 days Rs 480,000 
Private  8 days Rs 598,370​
VIP 8 days Rs 885,610

* In case of Valve Replacement, the cost of valve(s) will be charged separately.

Charges Included in the Package Prices

  • Room and nursing.
  • Operating room charges.
  • Attending physician's fee.
  • Laboratory, radiology and routine pharmacy charges.
  • Blood cross matching charges. (Blood will be provided from AKUH blood bank on an exchange basis).
  • Patient meals.
  • Surgeon's/ Anaesthetist's fee.
  • Medical/ surgical supplies.

Charges Not Included in the Package Prices

  • Any consultation, outpatient charges before admission or after discharge.
  • A charge of Rs. 50,000 (for supplies and operation room time) will be levied for each consecutive revisit to the operating room in case of complications.
  • Convenience items, e.g., telephone calls, guest meals, attendant's room, etc.
  • Charges of valve(s).
  • Any procedure performed in Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.
  • Take home medications.

In case the patient requires more than 8 days' stay in the hospital, additional charge will be levied for hospitalization beyond 8 days on actual basis.

Note: During the patient's stay in the CICU/SCU, the attendants will have to vacate the private room / semiprivate room / ward. Rooms can be provided for attendants (subject to availability) and will be charged separately.

For further information, please contact

  • Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Telephone 021 3486 1011.
  • Admission Office: Telephone 021 3486 2000, 3486 2003

(Prices subject to change without prior notice) 

January 01, 2013