Open-Heart Surgery

Open-Heart Surgery

To provide high quality health care facilities at affordable prices to a maximum number of patients, The Aga Khan University Hospital now introduces new “package prices” for surgical procedures. 

AKUH offers a total care programme in which the patient is cared by a professional team, which includes Surgeon, Nurses, Radiologists and other Technical Support staff. 

Cardiac/Open Heart Surgery Package Price enables patients to know beforehand the cost of treatment and be in control of the cost of their care.  After examining the patient, the doctor will determine the eligibility for the package, which is given below:

*Please re-confirm prior to surgery

Bed Category​ Average Length of Stay​ Package Price
 Ward​ 8 days Rs 342,880
Semi-Private 8 days Rs 506,400 
Private  8 days Rs 631,280​
VIP 8 days Rs 934,320

Charges for Hospitalization beyond the maximum stay allowed under the package Offer:

Bed Category
Semi- Private

Rs. 20,450 Rs. 24,530 Rs. 28,410 Rs. 46,210

Charges Included in the Package Price:

  • Room and nursing for patient
  • Attending physician’s fee.
  • Surgeon’s fee.
  • Anaesthetist’s fee 
  • Operating room charges.
  • Routine medical/surgical supplies.
  • Routine Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy charges.
  • Blood Cross Matching charges.
  • Routine patient meals.

Charges Not Included in the Package Prices

  • Any Consultation charges during hospitalization & outpatient.
  • Blood will be provided from AKUH blood bank on an exchange basis.
  • Convenience items, e.g. telephone calls, attendant meal & additional meal for patient, etc.    
  • Take home medications
  • Any procedures done in the Cath Lab.
  • Attendant room Charges
  • Cost of Valve is not included in the package
  • A charge of Rs. 68,617 (for supplies and OR time will be levied, if the patient is taken back to the operation room in case of complications.)
1- Itemized billing details are not available in package offer. 
2- During the ICU stay, the patient’s private room if utilized by the attendant, will be charged separately.
3- In case of change of accommodation request to a higher category, relevant package charges will be applicable. 
4- Package will not be applicable in case of prolong SCU/ICU stay and additional surgery.

For further information, please contact Tel: (92 21) 34930051:
Surgery Clinic: Ext. 5782
Admission Office: Ext. 2000, 2002

(Prices subject to change without prior notice) 

January 01, 2016