C.T. Scan:

Services ​Charges
Head with & without contrast Rs 12,810
KUB without contrast​
Rs 8,890
Paranasal Sinuses limited study without contrast  ​​​
Rs 8,360
Neck without contrast Rs 17,460


Services ​Charges
Brain Rs 18,760
Cervical Spine Rs 18,100
Knee (single) Rs  18,100
Hip Joint (single) Rs  18,340


Nuclear Medicine:

Services ​Charges

DEXA Scan for Bone Mineral Density (BMD)​​

Rs 4,260 
Thyroid Scan
Rs 12,430
Bone Scan of whole body Rs 17,120

X- Ray:

Services ​Charges
Chest (Routine)​ Rs 890
Abdomen (KUB) Rs 1,730
Pelvis Rs 1,650
Rs 1,740


Specialised Procedures:

Barium Meal ​Rs 6,680
Micturating Cystourethrogram Rs 8,510
​Myelogram (Cervical/Lumbar) ​​Rs 21,660
IVP/IVU​ ​​Rs 8,100
Mammogram (Bilateral)  Rs 7,510
Barium  Enema (Double Contrast) Rs 8,860


Services ​Charges
Pelvis for Female (Obstetric) Rs  2,220
Pelvis for Female (Gynae) Rs  1,690
Urinary Bladder Rs  2,180
Liver and Gall Bladder Rs  3,120
​(Prices subject to change without notice)

January 01, 2016