Division of Women and Child Health

Division of Women and Child Health

The division of Women and Child Health (WCH) consists of:

  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  2. Section of Feto-maternal Medicine and Neonatology
  3. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health

The division aims to develop a center of excellence with a focus on developing high quality education, research and training programmes in women and child health. The division specifically targets clinical services, educational programmes and research by optimally utilizing resources to teach innovative courses in areas of high relevance to maternal and child survival in developing countries. Its constituent departments have an impressive track record of teaching, training, research and offering clinical services at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels.

The mission of this division is to make effective and meaningful contributions to the health of women and children in Pakistan and in the developing world, through pursuit of highest quality clinical services, innovative educational and training programmes and pioneering research and discovery. Development of the center of excellence is a step in this direction, with emphasis on its primary, secondary and tertiary care institutional linkages.

The division deals with the continuum of women and child health issues particularly emphasizing on foeto-maternal and new-born services. The division also incorporates secondary care hospitals in Garden, Karimabad, Kaharadar districts of Karachi and in Hyderabad providing an important link to the community.

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Division of Women & Child Health
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