Welcome to GI (Gastrointestinal Medicine) and Surgery​

The GI (Gastrointestinal Medicine) and Surgery Service Line at the Aga Khan University Hospital is an established team in the field of medicine and surgery, focussed on medical precision whilst diagnosing and treating patients. Our expert surgeons are internationally trained and highly experienced in managing simple to complex and high-risk cases. Our nurses and technicians working within the Service Line are specially trained in the field of surgery to provide the best possible care before, during and after the operation. They work closely with the surgeons to ensure that the patient treatment plans are carefully followed. Patients with complex conditions receive specialized care that can help speed up the recovery process. Our medical knowledge and skills are supplemented with the most advanced surgical technology available across the country. Our operating theatres are world class and follow international standards to ensure the patient’s safety at all times. 

The conditions managed by the GI (Gastrointestinal Medicine) and Surgery Service Line include but are not limited to hernia, gallstones, appendicitis, hepatitis, ulcers  and cancer. Our plastic surgeons offer procedures in but not limited to, liposuction, cleft lip correction and tummy tuck. Our breast surgeons offer procedures and management of benign as well as cancerous breast diseases.

The Aga Khan University Hospital has multiple specialties all under one roof. This enables all our doctors from across the hospital to work together to offer patients a comprehensive treatment plan that can address the whole body, instead of adopting a single approach towards an isolated set of symptoms in one part of the body. Every patient is different and our doctors are dedicated to ensuring that this is reflected through the care they deliver before, during and after all surgeries and procedures.​​     

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Are you preparing for an Endoscopy?​

Remember that stringent infection control procedures are crucial for a safe and reliable endoscopy. Read more to 
learn practices that must be followed during an endoscopy.​
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Meet the GI and Surgery​ Leadership ​Team​​

​Dr. Om Parkash,
Service Line Chief

​ Dr. Huma Naz,

Senior Business Manager


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