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The Oncology Service Line at the Aga Khan University Hospital consists of a specialised team of certified, highly trained and experienced oncologists, radiation oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, nurses and technicians who treat specific adult and child cancers and haematological disorders. 

Our Oncology experts work with each patient to develop an individualized comprehensive treatment plan to address their specific disease. To aid in accurate and prompt diagnosis, the service line is fully supported by the radiology (including the latest PET-CT scanner), laboratory, pathology and blood bank departments within the hospital. Following diagnosis, our doctors will discuss with you the best treatment options that may involve chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation therapy.  Patients can come to our Day Care Oncology Unit supported by specialized nursing care for outpatient chemotherapy and blood transfusions. If radiation is part of the plan, patients can feel confident with the fact that we have the latest equipment and technology for this therapy. ​

Since the Aga Khan University Hospital is a tertiary care hospital with many different services all under one roof, our oncology patients receive multidisciplinary medical attention from doctors and nurses in the emergency room, intensive care unit (ICU), special care units, coronary care units, haemodialysis and diagnostic units, if needed. In addition, several specialised clinics for oncology patients are offered such as the anti-coagulation clinic, palliative care and nutrition clinic for a holistic approach to patient care.

Every case of cancer is different and at the Aga Khan University Hospital, our oncology experts recognise this only too well. Our oncologists have set up multiple site-specific tumour boards where cases are routinely discussed to determine the best course of action for our cancer patients. 

The Oncology service line also offers bone marrow transplantation for various benign and malignant haematological disorders in its state-of-the art bone marrow transplant unit staffed with expert doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Our experts can provide autologous, allogeneic and haplo-indentical transplantation techniques, using both myeloablative and reduced intensity conditioning.

Our specialists understand that cancer can be difficult for patients and their families, sometimes leaving you confused, alone and lost. At the Aga Khan University Hospital, patients can attend specific support groups to speak with other patients and families who are going through similar situations. Doctors and nurses also attend to provide tips and information on how to deal with the disease. 

The Aga Khan University Hospital has developed a comprehensive cancer registry, which allows a better understanding of the epidemiology of cancer in Pakistan. This also enables avenues for research, looking at biomarkers and potential treatment options than can result in improved patient care. ​

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Gynaecological Cancers | Prevention and Treatment​​

Women are at risk of developing gynaecological cancers, and its probability increases with age. 
In Pakistan, gynaecological cancers make up 12-15% o​f all cancers. Common types of 
gynaecological cancers include Cervical, Ovarian and Uterine cancers. Read More​

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​Advanced Radiotherapy Services Now on New Linear​​​​ Accelerator (LINAC)​

​Providing advanced radiotherapy with precise and faster treatment delivery, improved normal 

tissue protection and image guided technology. Read More​

​Meet the Oncology Leadership Team​

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Dr. Zehra Fadoo
Service Line Chief​


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Noman Hussain Siddiqui
Business Manager

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Samrina Imran
Nurse Manager

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