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The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

20th National Health Sciences Research Symposium​​​

The NHSRS is Aga Khan University&#39;s annual flagship conference. The 2017 symposium ‘Heart and Lungs: from prevention to regeneration’ will focus on the future of cardiopulmonary medicine by exploring the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities in the field.<div>
The conference will bring together national and international specialists in the areas of cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and pulmonology as well as experts from basic sciences, nursing, critical care, trauma, allied health, social work, public health, education and social sciences.

</div><div>Cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases are the number one cause of mortality around the world, with the majority of deaths occurring in low and middle income countries. The symposium will explore how novel preventive measures and cutting edge technology can help address the rising burden of these diseases. 

</div><div>This event will allow you to interact with national and international top leading professionals, and learn from a comprehensive scientific programme. It will give you a unique opportunity to promote your research ideas, and enjoy all that the vibrant city of Karachi has to offer.