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The Mind and Brain (Neurosciences) Service Line at the Aga Khan University Hospital is home to the largest number of certified neurologists (specialized in brain and spine medicine), neurosurgeons (specialized in brain and spine surgery), psychiatrists and psychologists (specialized in mental health problems) in Pakistan. Our internationally trained and diverse team of doctors, surgeons and nurses allows the Mind and Brain Service Line to offer excellence in adult and child clinical practice and maintain the highest standards for diagnostic and therapeutic services. They lead the way in their respective fields of expertise by ensuring that they keep up with the latest techniques and technology. 

Our neurologists offer a wide range of modern, specialized and comprehensive programmes that include but are not limited to diagnose and treat, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, neuromuscular, movement disorder and headache patients. We established the first stroke unit in Pakistan and offer a weekly stroke clinic using a multidisciplinary team approach. Our Epilepsy Programme is the first of its kind in the country with a state-of-the-art Epilepsy Monitoring Unit that offers a well established video-EEG (electroencephalogram is a test used to detect abnormalities related to the electrical activity of the brain) monitoring service that is used in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy and ‘undiagnosed spells’. Epilepsy surgeries have now been successfully performed under this programme. The Headache Programme offers neurological evaluation and therapy for common and complicated headache syndromes. We offer weekly clinics that provide patient access to our experienced headache specialists for this common but often seriously disabling ailment.

Our neurosurgeons are certified to perform a range of surgeries related to the brain and spine. We are the first outside of North America to introduce an organised system approach for Awake Craniotomy (the skull bone flap is lifted to remove a brain tumour whilst the patient is awake) performed with the use of a Neuro-Robotic Exoscope that enhances surgical precision and shortens patient recovery time. 

Our psychiatrists and psychologists are sought after in Pakistan, due to their unique international qualifications and experience, in treating various adult, child and adolescent mental health conditions. Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary programmes include but are not limited to the child learning and behaviour, parent and child support and caregiver support programmes.

The Mind and Brain (Neurosciences) Service Line at the Aga Khan University Hospital offers specialized Clinical Neurophysiology Services that are built with the state-of-the-art modern equipment. Special procedures offered include nerve conduction studies; electromyography; autonomic testing; evoked potentials; EEG, continuous EEG monitoring and video-EEG. Intra-operative monitoring allows our neurosurgeons and orthopeadic surgeons (bone and joint) to work closely together in performing complicated surgeries with greater patient safety.

We have a well-equipped sleep laboratory that routinely performs sleep studies for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders including sleep apn​oea (stop breathing for a short time, especially when sleeping). This is a multidisciplinary sleep programme that ensures patients receive the best possible care through close collaboration between neurologists, pulmonologists, ear, nose & throat specialists, dental surgeons and psychiatrists. 

Each patient comes with their own unique problem and our doctors understand this. They will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our medical teams understand that Mind and Brain diseases can be debilitating and in many cases the patients and their families may need additional support. For this reason, our medical teams have facilitated various patient support groups, where patients and their families can meet and talk to others who are facing similar situations. 

Our expertise goes beyond delivering the best medical care. Research is an integral part of the Service Line and our doctors have collectively published more than a hundred research papers in both national and international journals. ​​



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