Hepatitis C is a silent killer, and the reason for it being called a silent killer is that patients who are infected with the virus do not show any symptoms until the disease gets to a stage where it is not curable and sometimes it results in loss of life.

Pakistan has the largest burden of Hepatitis C infected patients, nearly 8 million people are infected with the disease.

The Aga University, based on its guiding principles of Impact, Quality, Relevance, and Access, has embarked upon a programme for the elimination of Hepatitis C. This programme is being launched through its network of Outreach Medical Centres whereby we have collaborations now from Getz Pharma, Roche Diagnostics, Patient Behbud Society of the Aga Khan University and the support of AKUH's Patient Welfare Programme whereby we will be treating 12,000 patients who otherwise cannot afford the cost of this treatment, free of cost. It is collaborations like these that will help us eliminate Hepatitis C from the country.

In 2016, the World Health Assembly has pledged to treat and eliminate Hepatitis C by 2030. In this regard, and if this target has to be achieved, 90% of the infected people have to be diagnosed with this deadly virus.

This World Hepatitis Day, AKU's Outreach Health Network is offering discounted screening and diagnostic packages from its 291 locations of labs in 126 cities of Pakistan. In addition, we are also offering treatment packages from our Outreach Medical Centres which are spread throughout the country.

On this World Hepatitis Day, pledge to screen yourself and your loved ones.

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