​We are Open for all Patients

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The full range of services being offered at the Aga Khan University Hospital are available and open for all our valued patients. All our clinics, diagnostic and therapy services, surgeries, Emergency, admissions and all other services are fully operational. 

When you visit our hospitals and other health services, we want to ensure that you feel safe and for that, strict infection control protocols have been put in place. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection are regularly practiced and staff has been issued role-specific PPE throughout the Hospital and Health Services Network. 

However, we need your support to ensure you and all our patients and staff stay safe during these times of the pandemic. 
  • We will require you and your attendant to wear a mask as you enter the premises, and keep it on, fully covering your nose and mouth, throughout your visit. Masks are also available at our pharmacies and at select locations our staff can guide you towards.
  • Seating in waiting and public areas has been re-organised for physical distancing, with stickers indicating spots which should be kept empty to ensure physical distancing. 
  • Only one attendant is permitted with each patient. 
  • Visitors are not allowed.
  • All patients and their attendants are screened before entering any clinical area.
  • All entrances are manned and carefully monitored by our security staff to avoid crowding. This measure is for your own safety and cooperation with the security staff is requested.
We request you to follow these instructions for everyone’s safety.​​

At 24 / 7 Emergency and Acute Care
For the safety of our staff, patients and their loved ones, wearing a mask is mandatory at all times. During your visit, you will notice our security staff controlling the number of attendants accompanying patients and our nursing staff screening patients at the entrance. Your cooperation and compliance will help us provide timely care with enhanced safety. 

In case of trauma or other time-bound emergencies, visitors will be asked to wait outside the Emergency Department’s premises while the patient is provided triage and treatment. 

For Clinic Appointment
To avoid overcrowding in outpatient clinic locations, only one attendant will be allowed to accompany patients. For the safety of your family and loved ones, we request you to not bring children under the age of 13, unless they need medical care themselves. 

Due to additional monitoring and screening at various entrances, we encourage all patients to keep a buffer of approximately 15 minutes. 

To ensure your safe care at all times, strict physical distancing protocols are being followed in all waiting areas, public spaces and courtyards. Across campus, seating spaces have been re-organised to ensure a minimum distance of 6 feet. Floors have been marked for a safe distance amongst individuals, as they wait in queues. 

As you wait for your appointment, you will also notice enhanced cleanliness and disinfection practices, especially of frequently touched surfaces. These include door handles, railings and lift buttons. ​
To continue providing you diligent and compassionate care with all safety precautions, we have ensured that all our doctors and nurses maintain physical distance, frequently wash and/or sanitise hands and change gloves between patients, and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). ​
As you complete your consultation, please remember to throw your used masks and other waste safely into the trash bins to avoid the spread of infection. 

Make sure that you safely carry all important documents, such as prescriptions and health records, and other belongings with you. ​
Our strict safety guidelines ensure that you feel safe while you are at AKUH. We urge you to not delay your urgent care needs and chronic medical conditions. For appointments and any other information, call our helpline: (021) 111-911-911, OR click below: 

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