Dropless Cataract Surgery Made My Vision Seamless

Being a diabetic patient for more than a decade, Muhammad Aslam started to have eye problems which persisted for 3 to 4 years and later developed into an eye cataract. 

‘It became difficult for me to drive car at night because of all the lights that flashed on the road created an irritation in my eye’ said Aslam. He faced a hard time looking for street signs while driving his car and needed his glasses for almost everything he had to read and the only time he used to be without was the time of his sleep.

Although poor, Aslam’s vision started getting even worse with time. Resultantly, it became more and more difficult for him to be even slightly exposed to light.

He couldn’t enjoy most of his spare time because of the complications that had developed with cataract and had to gradually minimize his social life. Aggravated with the situation Aslam decided to have the eye checked at different hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But to no satisfaction and assurance from the hospital staff on the success rate of the procedure, Aslam decided to route for other healthcare providers. One of Aslam’s friends recommended him to have a checkup at The Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi and scheduled and appointment for him.

Upon arriving in the city of Karachi, Aslam began his journey and got an appointment from Dr. Irfan Jeeva, Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology, Surgery and Service Line Chief of Eye (Ophthalmology), Ear, Nose and Throat (Otorhinolaryngology) Services​​ at AKUH.

Dr. Irfan Jeeva after thorough analysis explained Aslam of the situation and recommended a surgery. 

For his own self-satisfaction and to have a second opinion, Aslam went to a number of different private and government hospitals in Karachi  and explored other options as well but found his initial visit at The Aga Khan University Hospital to be most satisfactory. He was truly satisfied with the well informed and friendly staff and a smooth process system. 

With 2 more visits, Aslam had his first Bilateral Puncoplasty done in 25 minutes and was asked to avoid using tap water, slouching or lifting weights for atleast a week. Then came the second procedure that involved Right endoscopic DCR, Right and left phacoemulsification with intraocular lens & was done within 30 minutes. Through this experience, he found all of the system and staff to be very cooperative and patient friendly.

Aslam was astonished to experience an immediate significance in his vision. ‘I used to wear glasses to protect my eyes from reflection of light but not anymore. Light reflection is no more a problem for me. Moreover with the dropless cataract surgery I do not have to use drops or feel irritation in my eye’ said Aslam.

Ironically now, Aslam reads all of the stuff he enjoyed reading but could not due to the eye cataract complications.​