• Positron Emission Tomography (PET) CT scanner and Cyclotron symposium

<p></p><p style="text-decoration-line: underline;"><strong>Symposium topics of discussion</strong></p><ol><li>The impact of PET-CT hybrid imaging on disease evaluation
</li><li>Cyclotron - The enabler for PET-CT imaging
</li><li>Is PET-CT a luxury or necessity? - An oncologist’s perspective
</li><li>Role of PET-CT in radiotherapy treatment planning
</li><li>PET-CT imaging for staging and response assessment in lymphoma
</li><li>Role of PET-CT in management of lung cancer
</li><li>Ga68-PSMA : A game changer in the management of prostate cancer
</li><li>Case discussions with panelist​​</li></ol>


Trademark Hotel, Village Market, Nairobi

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