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The Department of Medicine at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi provides state-of-the-art medical services spanning a wide range of sub-specialties.

In July 2011, we opened the doors to our modern, purpose-built Heart and Cancer Centre. Supported by this facility, AKUH,N now provides the East African community with access to the highest quality Cardiology and Oncology services, including state-of-the-art emergency treatments, highly specialised surgeries and comprehensive rehabilitation programmes.

The Department of Medicine offers comprehensive medical services in a diverse range of sub-specialties, including:

Anticoagulants are often called "blood thinners" because these types of medicines work on the clotting system in the body to help prevent the formation of blood clots. These drugs are prescribed for a variety of conditions, and regular monitoring and adjustments are necessary to make sure each condition is appropriately treated.999The dedicated doctors and nurses who staff our Anticoagulation Clinic provide comprehensive support for all AKUH,N patients on anticoagulants. Patients must be referred to the Anticoagulation Clinic by their primary healthcare provider.
Our groundbreaking cardiology programme is a reflection of the important contributions that AKUH,N is making to the fight against cardiac diseases. With the opening of our dedicated Heart and Cancer Centre in July 2011, we now offer a continuum of high quality health services, from emergency treatment, through surgery, to rehabilitation.

The time between the onset of pain from a heart attack and emergency treatment is vital for survival. The longer the heart is deprived of life-saving blood, the more heart muscle is lost and the greater the risk of the patient dying. Modern treatment can open up blocked arteries quickly, but to be fully effective, treatment must be given as soon as possible after the heart attack begins. That's why good teamwork is so essential.

Emergency nurses and physicians must quickly recognise patients suffering from heart attacks and quickly start treatment to dissolve life-threatening clots. This "door-to needle" time, as it is called, is critical to patients. The faster the "door-to needle" time, the better the outcome for patients. Our advanced triage systems and specialised clinical pathways are on the leading edge of cardiac care. These systems ensure that patients with all types of heart disease are treated rapidly and with expertise.

The multidisciplinary nephrology team at AKUH,N offers a variety of renal (kidney) services including consultations, acute and chronic dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

Our renal transplant program is committed to increasing access to transplantation and supporting patients in their return to active living. The diverse team includes surgeons, nephrologists, social workers, financial coordinators, pathologists and blood bank staff, who work together tirelessly to make the programme a success.

AKUH,N Neurology provides specialised services to treat diseases of the nervous system and comprehensive care to patients suffering from neurologic disorders. Our modern diagnostic equipment centre allows us to perform cutting-edge tests and scans, including MRIs, CT scans and nerve conduction tests. We are also dedicated to conducting innovative research in order to help further the global understanding and treatment of neurologic disorders.

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