​Gynaecology Services 

Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi is home to a team of specialist gynaecologists who are dedicated to providing the comprehensive care required to maintain women's health. 
We have a multidisciplinary approach to care and offer a 24/7 consultant cover to assure you of the highest quality of medical care by our team.

We offer the following services;​

For more information please contact:

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic
Telephone: +254 20 366 2876 or +254 711 092 876/
​​​​​+254 20 366 2888
or Email: patient.referral@aku.edu

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Maternity Services 

At Aga Khan University ​​Hospital, Nairobi, our approach to maternity care is grounded in respect for individual and cultural choices in childbirth, supported by the availability of world-class care and facilities. Our goal to provide optimal comfort and safety for both mother and child during the birthing process. We also know how important it is for expectant mothers to have the support and presence of relatives during this time, and so the involvement of family members is strongly encouraged.

We offer you the widest range of Maternity services including:

Pre-conception clinic 
The journey to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn and mom begins before the pregnancy. Our Pre-conception clinic​ seeks to identify any pre-existing issues that may affect your pregnancy journey and outcome.

Antenatal care​​
We provide comprehensive monitoring of your health and your baby's development throughout your pregnancy.  Once pregnant visiting our antenatal clinic is an important way for you to be watchful of both your own and your baby's health throughout your pregnancy. Antenatal care is also a vital step in helping doctors to identify potential issues with your pregnancy and take action to avoid or treat them. We encourage mothers to schedule their first visit before 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this first antenatal visit our specialist team will perform comprehensive assessment, discuss with you any health concerns identified and develop a healthcare plan for your pregnancy. ​

​For more information please contact:

Antenatal Clinic
Telephone: +254 20 366 2001/2002/2010
​​​​​+254 20 366 2888​​
or Email: patient.referral@aku.edu

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