Fetal medicine service

When an unborn baby becomes unwell or needs additional specialized scrutiny then our fetal medicine service is required. This service includes:

  • Preconception genetic counselling and testing where risk of genetic condition is increased
  • Screening for fetal conditions:
    • Advanced pregnancy ultrasound using latest technology in both 2D and 3D/4D for early detection of fetal anomalies from as early as 12 weeks. We also perform targeted imaging for babies at risk of birth defects and fetal anomalies e.g. echocardiography for fetus at risk of heart diseases
    • Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
    • Down syndrome screening
  • We perform invasive procedures to diagnose as well as treat certain conditions in the fetus. These include 
    • Amniocentesis, 
    • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS), 
    • Cordocentesis, 
    • Amnioreduction, 
    • Thoracocentesis and 
    • Intra uterine fetal transfusion.
Our clients are mainly referrals both locally and around the East and Central African region. If a concern is identified we formulate a plan of care in consultation with your obstetrician and our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Depending on the issue identified this may mean going for some visits to your doctor but coming for specialized follow up visits with our team.

We continuously strive remain on the cutting edge of this field and our faculty are actively involved in several research projects both locally and internationally.

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Antenatal Clinic
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or Email: patient.referral@aku.edu

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