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The decision to admit a patient is a complex medical judgment which can be made only after the doctor has considered a number of factors, including your medical history, current medical needs, available facilities, hospital by-laws and policies, and appropriateness of treatment.

At the Aga Khan University Hospital, only Qualified Doctors licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and granted Admitting Privileges by the Hospital are allowed to admit.

What you should bring to the hospital is very important for your care. The following is a brief list of items you should have immediately available if you need to go to an emergency department or if an elective admission occurs:

  1. Identification  and emergency contacts (relatives and friends names and phone numbers)
  2. Information on allergies to medicine that you react to, if any.
  3. Current medications (name, strength, frequency) and treatments including over-the-counter medications If you do not have a list, place all of the medication bottles in a bag and bring them to the Emergency Room.
  4. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and others
  5. Surgeries you have had in the past
  6. NHIF and Insurance Medical Cards. NHIF only applies to Kenyan Nationals only and not to patients coming from outside Kenya.
  7. Do not bring your valuables. Leave money and jewelry at home

You have the right to receive a bill and an explanation of the fee for any service provided regardless of the source of payment.

The hospital has credit facilities with various local and international health insurance companies. Please check with our Credit Controller on telephone No.+254 (0) 20 366 2842/2142 if your insurance company has credit facilities with us. In the absence of credit facilities, you may have to pay cash and claim later from your insurers.

To facilitate your NHIF claim, patients are required to sign an NHIF claim form prior to discharge.

For more information on billin​g, please contact the Credit Controller on telephone No. +254 (0) 20 366 2842/2142 or Email:


Discharge is done in two stages. The first is where the attending doctor confirms that the patient is fit to go home and the second stage is the financial clearance. This is done by the Credit Control Department where the patient clears the bill.

Be sure to address the following issues with your Doctor before you leave the Hospital:​

A person who has made a deposit for a procedure/service for self/ beneficiary in the hospital can make a request for cancellation of the deposit provided the said cancellation request is made and the same is received and acknowledged by the hospital after confirmation of the procedure cancellation. Such a request should be received at least two days prior to the date of procedure/investigation/consultation. The refund will commence as per the internal policy.

Once the request for cancellation of paid deposit is acknowledged by the hospital, the deposited amount shall be refunded within 5 days of acknowledgement of the request.

The refund is done only to the mobile and credit card number used by the patient to make payment in line with Hospital policy. 

  • What medication will you need to take, and for how long? 
  • Does your insurance cover follow-up outpatient care? 
  • Are there alternative medications if the cost is beyond your capacity to pay?
  • Do the medications have side effects? 
  • Will they interact with any medications you are currently taking?
  • When can you return to work?
  • Are there limitations to what you can do at work or at home?
  • Your doctor should provide a note for your employer regarding any restrictions.
  • Which doctor should you follow-up with and when?
  • On what date is your follow-up visit scheduled?
  • If you are to schedule your own follow-up, whom do you call? What are the phone numbers? 
  • For follow-up care at the specialist outpatients clinics, please call +254(0)730 011 888 or +254(0)111 011 888
  • Where exactly do you go for follow-up?
  • We may send you patient satisfaction survey forms after you are discharged. This survey is an opportunity for you to give us feedback regarding any problems you had with your care and/or to recognize staff members who offered you service you were particularly pleased with.

Your Bill

  • Make sure you ask questions regarding your bill before you are discharged.
  • Hospital bills must be paid in full, at the designated cash offices in the Hospital.
  • The hospital accepts all patients whether cash paying or corporate client. For cash-paying patients, a certain amount of money is required as deposit upon admission. Credit control will give you information on the deposit requirement.
  • If you need to pay by Personal cheque, kindly make prior arrangements with the credit control department.
  • For all corporate /insurance patients, the hospital will seek a guarantee of payment from your employer/insurance.
  • Corporate clients, especially those covered by Insurance Companies should expect regular visits by the Insurance care managers, who are mostly nurses to help track your workup and treatment.
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