Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The laboratory uses a full range of external quality assurance programs from Europe and North America to assure international quality.The laboratory is also committed to rapid turn around times.

The laboratory is staffed by 130 highly trained laboratory technologists.The 12 full time and one part time pathologists represent a broad range of expertise within the field of pathology and laboratory medicine.

The department also trains anatomic and clinical pathologists. These pathologists are trained at international standards and are providing their expertise to improve the quality of laboratory medicine throughout East Africa.

Any tests that cannot be done on site are referred to reference laboratories that maintain similar high quality standards.The clinical chemistry section provides a broad range of basic and advanced tests.

These tests range from highly sensitive troponin for early diagnosis of heart attacks to tumor markers for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of cancers. The section has recently introduced a wide range of allergy and autoimmune testing. Endocrine testing and therapeutic drug monitoring as well as endotoxin testing in dialysis water are also offered.

A broad range of serologic tests are offered, which facilitate the diagnosis of infections as diverse, as syphilis, invasive amebiasis, brucellosis, CMV and EBV.

The hematology section offers a full range of the standard hematology tests that includes expert review of blood smears and malaria tests.

In addition, flow cytometry is offered to facilitate diagnosis of hematologic malignancies. The hospital runs a blood donation service to assure maximal blood safety that includes fourth generation HIV testing as well as malaria, Hepatitis B and C testing. The regions first apheresis machine allows the administration of single donor platelets to patients requiring this service and thus provides vital support for the cardiac and cancer centers of excellence.

The microbiology section offers a broad range of microbiology services, including automated monitoring of blood cultures to assure maximal yields and utilises state-of-the-art automated susceptibilities with supplementary manual methods and consultant oversight to assure accuracy. The TB laboratory offers liquid plus solid media cultures and susceptibility testing for all first line drugs. The GeneXpert TB PCR offers same day diagnosis and assessment of rifampin resistance.

A broad range of molecular diagnostic testing expands the range of pathogens that can be identified or monitored in the laboratory. ¬This includes accurate testing for HIV-1 and Hepatitis B viral loads. CMV and EBV viral loads can be determined and pathogens as diverse at Pneumocystis, Herpes simplex, Chlamydia and dengue can be identified. Routine cytology as well as fine needle aspirates are done locally and at selected outreach clinics.

In addition to routine histopathology tests, the regions broadest range of immune-staining is offered to allow the accurate diagnosis of malignancies. Frozen sections are offered, allowing the surgeon to make a diagnosis during a surgical procedure. The histopathologists offer a range of subspecialties and also maintain an ongoing relationship with Massachusetts General Hospital, a major Harvard teaching hospital to provide additional consultation on challenging cases.

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