​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a prescription/laboratory request from my doctor. Can I bring the request and access Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi's services?
A: Yes. Anyone with a prescription or laboratory request from a qualified medical practitioner can access AKUH,N services, including physiotherapy, x-ray and dental services among other services.
Q: Is the quality of care provided in the general wards similar to that provided in the private wing?
A: At AKUH,N we are committed to providing the very best in reliable, quality health care for all of our patients, in all of our wards. Our doctors and nurses do rounds in both the general wards and the private wing.
Q: How is being treated at AKUH,N different from being treated by a private doctor?
A. When you receive medical care from a private doctor, that doctor determines your entire course of treatment. At AKUH,N patients benefit from a team-based approach to health care provided by our team of resident doctors, who specialise in a wide range of disciplines. This means that if your course of treatment requires consultation from more than one specialist, you will easily be referred to other doctors within AKUH,N who will collaborate with one another to ensure that you receive the very best in comprehensive, holistic healthcare.​

Q: What is your hospital's view on generic drugs?
A. AKUH,N only prescribes generic drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the United States or the British National Formulary (BNF) in the United Kingdom.
Q: Can I access my medical records?
A: Yes, patients can access their medical reports. All information is held in confidence and cannot be released to any third party without a patient's written expressed consent. For more information on accessing your medical records, please visit the Hospital's Medical Records Department located next to the Accident and Emmergency Department.
Q: Will the cost of medical care increase when AKUH,N acquires expensive new equipment?
A: No. At AKUH,N we strive to improve our facilities in order to enhance the quality of care and better serve the needs of patients. The cost of hospital services will continue to remain the same, even as our services and equipment advance.
Q: How can corporate clients keep track of Hospital medical expenses?
A: AKUH,N provides itemised billing for all services rendered to individual patients. The frequency of billing can be agreed with the Hospital. AKUH,N does its best to inform clients prior to implementing price adjustments, however prices are subject to change without notice.​