​​​Routine antenatal clinic​

This service is suited for antenatal mothers with no complications or high risk features during the pregnancy. You will be attended by a joint team of midwives and doctors. The visits are well spaced out and coincide with specific milestones in the pregnancy. During this journey we:

  • Assess and screen for risks and complications during the pregnancy e.g. assessing for anemia, high blood pressure and diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. 
  • Track the growth of the baby – we offer 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scans. At specified milestones we will explain the exciting details of your baby’s growth and give you copies of your baby’s earliest pictures, even as we thoroughly check for any concerns.
  • Health protection – this troubleshoots potential problems. We offer necessary vaccines, travel advice as well as nutritional supplementation when required.
  • Health education – we discuss and support you to make healthy choices in pregnancy in terms of right nutrition, rest, activity and exercise.
  • Birth preparation – as you get closer to the D-day our team works with you to get you clinically, mentally, emotionally as well as financially ready for the delivery. We will assist you choose from our several friendly financial packages what best suits you. 

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Antenatal Clinic
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or Email: patient.referral@aku.edu

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