​Inpatient oncology unit

​This unit is designed to meet the unique requirements of these patients.

Most cancer treatment can be administered safely and efficiently in the outpatient setting.  However, some treatments require a continuous infusion of chemotherapy medication over many days. And often, some of our patient are too sick to be able to receive their treatment in the outpatient setting.  Or patients may have to be admitted for infection, low blood counts or side effects of their cancer. Such patients require to be managed by specially trained team of health care provides, and observing all precautions necessary for the care of the immunocompromised cancer patients.

​Our six bed unit is the beginning, to provide our hospitalized cancer patients with 24/7 dedicated care from a health care team that is specially trained and equipped to meet the complex physical and psychosocial needs of our cancer patient.  When census exceed our specialty unit’s capacity, cancer patients are often admitted to the medical or private ward for their treatment.

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