​Outreach - Home Health Care

Home Health Care is a medical service offered by The Aga Khan University Hospital in the comfort of your own home. Qualified physicians, skilled nurses, trained physiotherapists and health care assistants equipped with portable medical equipment can come to you to provide compassionate care and treatment that meets individual patient needs. 

Home Health Care can be considered for pe​ople who are elderly, have a long term illness, are living with an incurable disease, recovering from surgery, have special needs, are confined to their beds or need palliative care.​

The type of services, patients can expect from Home Health Care include but are not limited to:

Doctor Visit

Nurse Visit 


Health Care Assistants

Palliative Care

To schedule your screening appointment


(+92) 21 3486 1217 

(+92) 21 3486 3750

(+92) 21 3486 1991

(+92) 21 3486 1528​

Home Health Care Services  

Ground Floor, Nazerali Walji Building

The Aga Khan University Hospital, Main Campus, 

Stadium Road, Karachi

Email: homehealth@aku.edu


8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Mon – Fri)

8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)​

We welcome your feedback and take your complaints very seriously. To provide your feedback, please contact Home Health Office. ​

Our staff members welcome your appreciation in the form of verbal or written feedback but are not permitted to accept tips or gifts of any kind.


(+92) 21 3486 1217

Email: homehealth@aku.edu​

Patients that are discharged from any one of our hospitals and have had surgery that requires regular dressing care are on IV medications or require continued care at home, could be eligible for Home Health Care services. Please ask your doctor about this service at the time of discharge. The doctor will assess the patient’s condition at follow-up clinics, and can decide to continue or discontinue home services. 

If the family of patients who are being discharged from our hospital feel that the patient could benefit from our Home Health Care services, please ask the doctors or ward nurses for more information.

You can also arrange for Home Health Care services when you visit any of our doctor clinics (outpatients) or call us directly for more information.​​

If the patient experiences an emergency situation following a home health care service, please contact emergency services.


(+92) 21 3486 1090​

New patients are always welcome. Please call us for more information or to discuss how we may assist you.​ 

Patients and/or family members can obtain a cost estimate for Home Health Care services that they need. The actual payment amount will depend on the care provider(s), duration of care and number of home visits required. An advanced cash deposit payment based on the estimated amount will be required at the time the service is confirmed. 

A signed letter from the employer is required where the Company or Corporation is responsible for payment.

Welfare assistance is available for people who are unable to afford the fees and a letter confirming approval will be required.

Aga Khan University employees can utilize Home Health Care services through the cashless system.​