​ How to Apply?

Patients who find that they are unable to pay the full cost of the Hospital's inpatient (services for admitted patients) or outpatient services (services for visiting doctors in the clinics), may request welfare assistance from our Patient Welfare Officers before receiving any Hospital services. Financial Counsellors are available at the Patient Business Service Department (PBSD) to answer any financial queries patients may have, including treatment costs. The patient and/ or their immediate relatives will be interviewed and if the family's socio-economic profile is found to meet the Hospital's Welfare Criteria, they will be assisted in their treatment cost. If it appears that the patient is eligible for assistance from Zakat, they will be referred to Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH​ for further confirmation.

In a life-threatening situation, the patient may be admitted first, and the request for welfare assistance may be made by the family member or the attendant, immediately after the admission. A guarantor who will take financial responsibility for the patient will be required. A financial counsellor is positioned at our 24/7 Emergency and Acute Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. ​

Patient Welfare Department:​
(+92) 21 3486 9583
(+92) 21 3486 9584
(+92) 21 3486 9585
Email address:  patient.welfare@aku.edu