​For ​International Patients​​

The Aga Khan University Hospital welcomes patients who wish to travel from outside Pakistan to receive our quality health care services.  The Aga Khan University Hospital is trusted for delivering the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options for a wide variety of diseases and conditions in the region. We are a tertiary care hospital that has multiple specialty services all under one roof that enables patients to benefit from our multidisciplinary approach. Our highly trained team of medical professionals are sought after for specialized care and treatment. 

If you are an international patient interested in receiving our services, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Telephone: (+92) 302-8230979​

Email: ibrahim.mustafa@aku.edu ​​

​​​Choose Concierge Services​

​Our Concierge Services at The Aga Khan University Hospital are designed for those patients and families who require premium access to our services. Our concierge team works as a liaison between patients, their families and our medical and administrative staff, to arrange clinic appointments and/ or hospital stay. We give special attention to facilitate the registration, admission and discharge process, as well as attending to any special logistics and amenities required by our concierge patients and their families. Our goal in providing concierge services is to ensure patients receiving health care at our facilities have a heightened experience of comfort and convenience as possible.

For more information on our concierge services:

Telephone: (+92) 302-8230979​
Email: ibrahim.mustafa@aku.edu​