Patient Referral and Information Office​

The Aga Khan University Hospital has an established Patient Referral and Information Office for the convenience of patients residing in cities where access to our medical facilities may not be easily available. Currently we have one Patient Referral and Information office in Quetta and look forward to opening more such offices around the country.


Dr. ​Tahseen-ul-Abidin, 
Tel: +92 81 282 7071
Mobile: +92 300 838 2191


The Aga Khan University Hospital Patient Referral Office, 

Office #10, 2nd Floor,​ 

Engineer's Plaza, 

Zarghoon Road, 


Our Patient Referral Services​

We provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on all our services and facilities including the names of our doctors, their areas of expertise and the clinic schedules. Depending on your health care concern, we can help you decide if our health care services would be suitable for you and select the right specialty doctor for your treatment.​​
We can assist patients in scheduling their appointments at one of our outpatient consulting clinics for doctor consultations, or at our clinical imaging services for diagnostic tests, or at one of our laboratories for routine or specialized testing, or with our inpatient services for hospital admission for required treatment, surgery or procedures. Our aim is to make it easy for patients to access our quality services when they do not live near any of our clinics or hospitals.​​
To help patients plan for their care, we can obtain an estimated cost for your treatment prior to coming to our clinics or hospital. Patients should note that this is an estimate based on the information provided at that time and may be subject to change. There may be cases where the doctor needs to physically examine the patient to decide on the course of treatment and the estimates cannot be provided in advance. 
For our patients' convenience, their medical reports, diagnostic test or laboratory test results that were performed at our facilities, can be collected on their behalf and delivered to them.