To get a Second Opinion from AKUH's doctors, you no longer have to make an appointment or commute to the hospital. From the comfort of your home or office, simply make an account, share your details and reports, make your payment, and submit your request. Our doctor will review your case and get back to you with a written report.​ 

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Note: Second Opinion service should not be used for urgent or emergency cases.

Why Use Second Opinion Service?

Second opinions are sought to get new information, different options for treatment, or simply assurance that your diagnosis and treatment plan are correct.

You should use AKUH's Second Opinion service if:

  • You wish to have our doctors look at your medical reports or treatment plan.
  • You have received an unclear or complex diagnosis and need options.
  • You have a serious or rare medical condition for which you want to explore treatment options at AKUH.
  • You have been recommended surgery or an invasive procedure and need assurance on the approach.
  • Any other reason for which you need an opinion from an AKUH doctor without getting a consult.

Why Choose AKUH for a Second Opinion?

With the AKUH Second Opinion service, you can expect:

  • Convenience - a streamlined online process to get an expert opinion from AKUH's leading physicians.
  • Speed – comprehensive, detailed reports within 5 working days.
  • Comprehensive care – from diabetes to surgery to cancer to mental health problems, AKUH Second Opinion covers all services, for adults and children.
  • Expert opinions - the same quality medical advice from our internationally recognized experts as any of our other patient would receive. 

How to Request a Second Opinion?

  1. Create an account and start a Second Opinion request.
  2. Tell us about your medical condition by completing the Second Opinion form.
  3. You may select a doctor* yourself or we will assign your request to one of our specialists.
  4. Make your payment and submit your request form.
  5. Wait for the physician to review your medical information.
  6. Receive a written AKUH Second Opinion report within 5 working days.

*If your selected doctor is not available (e.g., out of office), we will reach out to you with another option in the same specialty.

Start your Second Opinion​.

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