​Freq​uently Asked Questions

Anyone who has been referred for care, has a rare or life-threatening ailment, has received a new diagnosis, or has one of several medical disorders. A second opinion will help them explore their treatment options and make an informed decision on how to move forward.​
The fee for the second opinion service is PKR 4,500 for residents of Pakistan, and USD 45 for all other patients.​
Typically, it takes 5 working days for our doctors to review your information and email the second opinion summary report to you.​
Many health insurance providers will pay for a second opinion, but before scheduling one, it's essential to know exactly what will be covered and what you might have to pay out of pocket. For a larger variety of diagnosis and treatments, a second opinion is typically reimbursed by many private health insurance providers. It's important to understand exactly what benefits your insurance plan provides.​
No, the Second Opinion Service will not be covered by welfare/zakat. If the patient decides to come over for treatment instead of availing this service and qualifies for financial assistance in terms of being a Pakistani National, etc, then they will be eligible for welfare/zakat. ​
We can process requests only in English at this time.​
Yes, your medical and payment information will remain confidential and secure. AKUH is strongly committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our patients, as mentioned in our Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
When your request for a second opinion is received for review, you will be notified via an email confirmation. AKUH may contact you again by phone or email for any additional medical inquiries our doctors may have. This will be followed by a formal medical summary report emailed to you.
Yes, you can contact the doctor to book an appointment for additional clarification or follow-up questions.​
Contact our team between 9 am and 6 pm (PKT) via phone at (+92) 302-823-0979 or email us at ibrahim.mustafa@aku.edu for help in navigating the online second opinion process.​