​Welcome to The Aga K​​han Maternal and Child Care Centre (AKMCCC), Hyderabad​​

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Welcome to The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre (AKMCCC), Hyderabad Page

The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Center (AKMCCC) in Hyderabad was established in 1989. AKMCCC is an 85-bed women and children's hospital.
AKMCCC became official entity of the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in 2010, the objective was to make it high quality hospital which is aligned with the main campus to follow the best standards in it’s operations and services. AKMCCC is also ISO 9001-2015 certified which conforms to the quality standards to make sure its processes and services are upto the mark. It caters to the medical needs of not only people from Hyderabad but also from its peripheries. AKMCCC is the Secondary hospital which also provides advantage of referral to other doctors, hospitals, medical centres and AKUH main campus, when needed. 

The hospital facilities are built on one campus and conveniently located on the main Jamshoro road in Hyderabad.
It provides inpatient services to women and children only but it offers multi-specialty consultation services to people of all age groups. 
Our consultants for some special clinics also come from our Main University Hospital Campus in Karachi (AKUH, K) to run clinics in Hyderabad, for different specialties. This has received an overwhelming response from patients living in Hyderabad and the peripheries.

AKMCCC has teams of competent doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff who are well experienced and highly trained to provide the quality care to the patients. While it offers extensive care, treatment and diagnostic services to the women and children, it also offers various day care surgeries for men, women and children. Some of the day care surgeries are Cataract surgeries, circumcision, general surgery, vascular surgeries and others. 

We also offer video consultations, through an audiovisual link between our doctors and patients in Karachi and Hyderabad. This service has proved to be extremely valuable as not only has it enhanced the accessibility of clinical services to the people of Hyderabad and surrounding areas but saves patients the travelling time, costs and efforts of going to Karachi.
The hospital has pharmacy services which is segregated for its Inpatient and Outpatient services. It offers high quality, authentic medicines. In addition, it offers diagnostic and laboratory services for all patients, including those the admitted and the visiting patients.

AKMCCC, Hyderabad also has ambulance service, which is highly equipped and is supported by specially trained staff for this service and has a 24/7 Urgent Care Service for women and children. Zakat and Welfare support are also offered to well deserving patients who are unable to bear the hospital expenses on their own. ​

Timings: 8:30 am to 9:30 pm
To Request an Appointment Call: +92 22 2660071 - 4 Ext: 8301, 8305

Clinical ​and Hospital Information

Urgent Care (for women and children)


Location: Main Hospital Waiting Area

Call:  +92 22 2660071 - 4​ Ext. 8340​

  • Clinical Laboratory

  • Radiology (X-ray and Ultrasound)

  • Adult echocardiogram (echo) 

  • Children’s echocardiogram (echo)

  • Exercise Tolerance Testing (ETT) 

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG)

  • Uroflowmetry (UFM)

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Cardiotocography (CTG)​

Day care surgeries are offered for the following services, but not limited to:

  • Eye surgeries (e.g. cataract) 

  • General Surgeries (e.g. uncomplicated hernia repair, fissures, removal of cysts, lumps etc.) *Only for Women and Children

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecological (e.g. Labour and Delivery, Women’s Health such as D&C (dilation and extraction)

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Children (Paediatric Outpatients)

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To view our Doctor Clinic Schedule, Click here​

All our medicines are stored in a controlled temperature environment to maintain the therapeutic effect. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our pharmacists are highly trained to provide complete information on how to best take your medicines. We have the facility to prepare special drug formulations for patients if requested by their doctors. 

Location: Main Hospital Waiting Area

Call:  +92 22 2660071 - 4​ Ext. 8340​

Hospital Services

Food and Nutrition Services

Attendant Meals (will be charged separately)

Payment Location

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Tele-Consultation Clinics

Vision Care Program (Eye Clinic)

Immunization Services (Inpatients and Outpatients)​

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Physiotherapy services are available for admitted and visiting patients.  Our qualified physiotherapists are equipped with sophisticated modalities to provide expert physiotherapy for patients following a surgery and as advised by the doctor. 


9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  (Mon​ - Sat)                                                      

Call: +92 22 2660071 - 4​ Ext. 8388​

ATM Machines

Credit Card machine

Places to Eat

Tuck Shop

Places to Pray

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Timings: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Location: Main Hospital Building

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Call: +92 22 2660071 - 4 Ext: 8301, 8305

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We at The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre, Hyderabad, offer comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology services.

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We at The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre, Hyderabad, offer comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology services.

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What's​ New

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Choose Safe Care for Mothers and Children.

Our Mother and Child Care hospitals serve are dedicated to serving healthcare needs of women. 

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Don't Delay – Child ​Health Needs.

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​​Tele-Clinics – A convenient Healthcare Solution. 

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​​Get Your Yearly Screening Mammogram at our Mobile Mammogram Bus in Hyderabad. 

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​​Bone and Joint experts are HERE in Hyderabad. 

Bone and Joint Specialists from Karachi Main Hospital will be conducting clinics in Hyderabad for Adults and Children.


​​Keep your Family and Yourself Protected. 

Stay Protected and Get Vaccinated. Protect your families from diseases.


​​Consult Highly Qualified Heart Experts in Hyderabad. 

You can now consult Cardiologist Specialists from the Main Hospital in Karachi in Hyderabad. Book your appointment TODAY.


​​Introducing Neurosurgery Clinic in Hyderabad. 

Looking for experts in brain, spine and nerves? Our experts in Hyderabad can help you with Brain, Spine and Nerve problems.



​​Breast Clinic now in Hyderabad. 

Every woman MUST get a yearly clinical breast examination after the age of 40 
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Special Offer on Circumcision at the Hyderabad Hospital. 

Get 15% off on Circumcision if your baby boy is born at the Aga Khan Maternity and Child Care Centre, Hyderabad..



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Obs and Gynae Evening Clinic 

Finding it hard to see a doctor during the day? Visit the Obs and Gynae Evening Clinic.


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Heart and Lung Consultation Clinics in Hyderabad 

Let our Heart and Lung experts take care of you. Do not delay taking care of your heart and lung problems.


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We can take care of your entire Family 

Our Family Medicine experts can take care of your entire family; Children, Adults and the elderly, we have everyone covered. 


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Vascular Surgery Clinic  

​Get treated for blocked arteries and veins. Vsit us if you suffer from swollen or prominent veins. ​Read more here​.​​​​​​