​​Hospital Guide

There are 2 main entrances to the hospital:

  • Entrance to the Main Hospital building

  • Entrance to the Diagnostic Centre​

Wheelchairs can be found at the drop off points near the entrance to the Main Hospital building and entrance to the Diagnostic Centre. The campus has purpose-built ramps to accommodate wheelchair access.  All wheelchairs are hospital property and cannot be taken outside the campus. The wheelchairs must be returned to any of the mentioned pick-up points before leaving the hospital.
There is no designated parking areas at The Aga Khan Hospital for Women, Garden, but you can park your vehicle, free of cost, outside the main gate of the Hospital.
There is a rickshaw stand right outside the hospital. Patients can also take a bus or taxi from the main road that is a short walk distance from the hospital.
Security is critical to the daily operations of the Hospital. The main purpose of the security team is to protect the patients, visitors, our staff, property and information on the campus. We request that you fully cooperate with the directions provided by our Security Guards.
Patient queries can be answered by our information receptionists, positioned at the information desk that can be found at the entrance of the Main Hospital Building.