​Additional Pharmacy Services​

​Drug and Poison Information (24/7, call +92 21 3486 1504 /1506)

The Aga Khan University Hospital Pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer questions or provide information on any drug or poison. This is a free of cost service for patients and medical professionals. 

One-Window Immunization services 

Our pharmacies provide a one-window immunization service making it easy for patients to conveniently access all vaccines from one place. Vaccines are recommended for adults and children based on the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization schedule.

Before visiting for vaccination, please call on +9221 34861573 or +9221 34861495 to confirm availability. 

For more information:
  1. Vaccinations for children, click here​
  2. Vaccinations for adults, click here​

Medication Safety

We take medication safety for our patients very seriously. Our pharmacies provide pre-mixed and ready to use forms of high alert medications which are closely monitored for use as per the hospital approved clinical guidelines.

Our qualified pharmacists scrutinize every patient’s medical prescription carefully to ensure safety and appropriateness of the medicines given.

Counselling and Education for Patients

Our pharmacists are trained to provide patients with the proper counselling and education on their medicines when they collect them from the counter as well as before patients are discharged from the hospital. Patients are given information on when and how to take their medicines, any warning signs that they should be aware of and if they are taking any other medicines, how to make sure to avoid any reactions. Patients can also benefit from the patient educational material/brochures provided by our staff to help raise awareness about different medications.

The medicines provided by our pharmacy are clearly labelled with instructions on how and when to take the medications. 

Blood Clotting Prevention Clinic

Our certified and trained pharmacists work in close collaboration with our haematologists in the Blood Clotting Prevention (anti-coagulation) Clinic and recommend the appropriate dosage as well as other precautions for patients on oral anti-coagulant therapy. 

Providing Authentic Medicines

To help patients buy a​uthentic medicines, our Pharmacy Services procure medications directly from the manufacturer or their approved vendors, to avoid counterfeit medications from floating in the market. Our Pharmacy Services also periodically evaluate its vendors (manufacturers/distributors) for compliance to internationally set standards, supply chain risk assessment and other factors that may compromise the medicines’ quality.