​Safety and Security

The safety and security of patients, visitors, staff and students is of paramount importance at The Aga Khan University Hospital. Security monitoring systems are in place throughout the Hospital. In the event of any emergency or if you notice something out of the ordinary, please alert our security staff or other staff immediately. 

For your safety and as a precautionary measure, familiarize yourself with the fire exits in the clinic, medical centre or hospital ward. Smoke detectors have been installed throughout the Hospital. In the event of a fire, stay calm and do not panic. Remain in the clinic, medical centre or hospital wards. Follow the instructions provided by our hospital staff or the firemen. They will escort you outside in an organized manner. Do not use the lifts; walk down the stairs if applicable. The Aga Khan University Hospital staff regularly undergoes fire drills and is well trained to direct you to safety.​
Food and Drinks are not permitted in the patient care areas.​

Patients admitted at the hospital will be required to wear a name band around their wrist or ankle to ensure positive identification at all times. Please alert a staff member if there are any inaccuracies in the details on your name band.

All family members and attendants may be asked to show their identification documents to allow security to keep a check on the people visiting the patient’s ward or room or our hospital.

All hospital staff including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators and support staff, are required to wear their identification badge at all times. Patients, family members and/ or attendants who have any doubts about any staff member, please do not hesitate to ask our staff to show you their identification badge.​​

The Aga Khan University Hospital takes patient confidentiality very seriously. Your health reports are accessible to the team of medical professionals taking care of you and are not shared with anyone unless you provide permission.​
Visitors should follow the visiting hours schedule. Patients admitted to the hospital need to be given time to rest in order to get better quickly. Visitors will be asked to leave when visiting hours have ended.
Please take care of your personal items. The Aga Khan University Hospital cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any personal belongings.
The Aga Khan University Hospital does not allow anyone to smoke inside our facilities or outside on our facility grounds. If you are seen smoking you will be asked to stop or leave the facility.​
The Aga Khan University Hospital does not allow patients, family members, attendants or visitors to carry weapons or firearms in any of our facilities. If you are seen or found to be carrying a weapon and or firearm, you will be asked to leave.​​