​Department of Anaesthesiology​​

The Department of Anaesthesiology at The Aga Khan University Hospital provides anaesthesia and other OR facilities for all surgical procedures. They are also part of the team that provides intensive care to critically ill patients in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). 

The department has a mix of skilled anaesthesiologists (doctors specially trained to keep you unconscious and free of pain during the surgery or help you manage long-term pain), qualified nurses and highly trained anaesthesia and surgical technicians. We are committed to delivering compassionate, ethical, accessible and high-quality care to all patients requiring anaesthesia, intensive care and pain services.

The Department of Anaesthesia offers acute and chronic pain management services in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Pain management is a branch of medicine that helps ease the suffering and enhance the quality of life for people experiencing intense and often recurring pain for conditions such as joint pain, cancer-related pain, post-amputation pain, facial pain, and chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Patients are offered different interventions for pain management including epidural and nerve blocks, facet joint and sacroiliac joint blocks, neurolytic blocks, and radiofrequency procedures. 

Another outpatient service under the Department of Anaesthesiology is the Pre-Operative Anaesthesia Clinic, for patients who are scheduled for surgery. It is run by a qualified team of anaesthesiologists and nursing staff and serves as the first step to screen, evaluate and optimise anaesthesia care for patients before surgery, making sure that the patients are ready to undergo the physical stress of surgery.

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