​Department of Emergency Medicine

Emergencies are unexpected and unpredictable. The Department of Emergency Medicine at Aga Khan University Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and accepts patients of all ages, with all types of emergencies. We offer one of the few dedicated Paediatric (children's) Emergency Units in Karachi and have a dedicated Cardiac Emergency bay to cater to heart emergencies, including heart attacks.

The Department of Emergency at the Aga Khan University Hospital operates on a Triage System, whereby each patient who comes to the Emergency is immediately assessed for their level of emergency, with P1 (priority 1) for life or limb threatening emergencies that require immediate intervention to P5 which are non-urgent medical needs. This allows the staff and teams at the Emergency to identify and prioritize those patients who need care immediately, so each patient is catered to in appropriate time.

Our 24/7/365 Emergency Department is located at our Main Campus on Stadium Road in Karachi. Patients can also visit our Urgent Care Services at Clifton Medical Services (CMS), Clifton in Karachi, for the treatment of injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require a visit to a full-services emergency room. Patients with urgent non-life threatening maternal and childcare needs can also visit our Urgent Care Services at our Secondary Hospitals in Garden, Karimabad and Kharadar, in Karachi and our Secondary Hospital in Hyderabad.

All our Emergency Department (ED) consultants are highly trained with postgraduate qualifications and are credentialed to practice in Emergency Medicine. Our Senior Medical Officer doctors have several years of clinical experience and demonstrated abilities and skill to handle emergencies. Our resident doctors are trained according to the approved guidelines of Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME). Our resident and intern doctors are allowed to practice under supervision of the ED Consultant, Senior Medical Officers and Senior Residents. 

Our Nursing Staff are highly trained according to international standards. The Nurse Manager, Head Nurse, Specialist and Nurse Instructor ensure protocols are properly followed. Our Nursing Staff includes Service Co-coordinators, Registered Nurses, Technicians, Health Care Assistants and Patient Care Assistants. 

All our medical staff working at the Emergency Department has basic life support certification, while consultants, medical officers, residents and registered nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and undergo re-certification every 2 years.  

The Emergency Department at the Aga Khan University Hospital offers multiple specialties under one roof, enabling doctors from different services to work seamlessly together, offering a multidisciplinary health approach resulting in an effective continuum of care. Patients who require additional consultation are catered through by visits from Specialist Doctors from other departments, making complete, holistic care possible under one roof. ​