Our anaesthesiologists (doctor specially trained to keep you unconsciousness, free of pain during the surgery or help you manage long term pain) use their clinical expertise and modern technology to provide safe and effective care for patients in the following areas:

  • Pre-Operative Anaesthesia Clinic (Before Surgery):

    Pre-operative Anaesthesia Clinic is run by a qualified team of anaesthesiologists and nursing staff where patients coming for all surgical procedures consult the anaesthesia team.  It serves as the first step to screen, evaluate and optimise the patients before surgery. The clinic plays an essential role in streamlining the operating room work, preventing unnecessary delays, avoiding unwanted cancelations and providing safe anesthesia care.  

  • Anaesthesia in the Operating Rooms:

    Our anaesthesiologists are available for all surgical and obstetric procedures, both elective and emergency. They provide anaesthesia care to all the service lines involved in conducting surgery, including; general surgery; orthopaedics (neuromuscular); urology (kidney-bladder); neurosurgery (mind and brain); paediatric surgery (children); ear, nose and throat; ophthalmology (eyes), plastic surgery; facial surgery; vascular surgery; labour and delivery related surgeries; women’s health related surgeries and cardiothoracic surgery (heart and lungs).  They are well supported by trained, qualified technicians in all areas of care.  Anaesthesia technicians are an integral part of anaesthesia services and work diligently in collaboration with anaesthesiologists to make anaesthesia safe, effective and efficient. There is a specialized, well-equipped Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU) (team that takes care of the patients after the surgery) consist of anaesthesiologists and nurses for the safe recovery of patients.

  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU):

    The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is a 9-bed unit, equipped with modern treatment modalities and organ support systems providing intensive care to adult surgical patients.  The Intensivists (critical care doctor trained in taking care of seriously ill patients) are highly trained and qualified faculty from the Department of Anaesthesiology that also provides round the clock in-house care for very sick patients. SICU is supplemented by multidisciplinary diagnostic and consultative services from other services in the hospital. This unit is instrumental in facilitating major and complex surgical procedures in high-risk patients which otherwise would not be possible.

  • ​Chronic and Acute Pain Services:

    We have two parallel teams that work to manage acute (severe) and chronic (long term) pain patients. The Acute Pain team includes our anaesthesiologists and pain nurses. The service provides round the clock care to admitted patients suffering from acute pain following surgery, trauma pain and pain from an acute illness.
    Pain Clinics are offered by a team of anaesthesiologists specialized in pain care. Patients suffering from various types of (long term) chronic pain, such as low back, neck and cancer pain, can come for an initial consultation that includes a detailed assessment and discussion of treatment options.  Patients are offered different interventions for pain management including an epidural and nerve blocks, facet joint and sacroiliac joint blocks, neurolytic blocks, and radiofrequency procedures. Patients can also be referred to our physiotherapy services, and other specialists, if required.  ​