Clinical Specialtie​s 

Patients requiring treatment and care for a wide range of diseases and medical issues can be admitted in the Princess Zahra Pavilion. All hospital services can be delivered at this facility except for Labour and Delivery and psychiatric care which are offered in other locations at the Hospital. 

The Aga Khan University Hospital offers multiple programs and services which have been developed to provide patient centered care. Various specialties and resources have been bought together so that the patients could be treated with a multi-disciplinary approach. We offer comprehensive evaluations for treatments for all cases, no matter how complex they are. Our specialists and their experienced teams at the Princess Zahra Pavilion have access to the latest medical treatments ensuring timely, holistic and high quality care. 

Our nursing care at the Princess Zahra Pavilion is supported by a state of the art Central Monitoring System and technology known as the Internet of Things (IOT). Patients can be monitored by their nurses at the healthcare station or when they are on the move through their personal devices, ensuring patient care is seamless and timely.​

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