Patient ​Rooms

The Private Wing has 85 patient rooms which comprise of Private Rooms, Special Care Rooms, Isolation Rooms and Private Suites. 

The patient rooms in the Private Wing are spacious and comfortable. Each room is equipped with a state-of-the-art Linnet hospital bed, modern clinical technology for medical monitoring, easy access to medical gas supply, comfortable seating furniture, smart television and spacious cupboards for storage of patient belongings. Additional room amenities include a mini refrigerator, safety deposit box for patient valuables and soothing lakeside views designed to provide a calm and tranquil feeling for patients and families.

The adjoining washrooms are spacious with modern bathroom fixtures, handicap accessible and supplied with high quality towels, toiletries and hair dryer available on request. 

Each patient room is equipped with an iPad which is set up with advanced technology known as the Internet of Things (IOT). This system not only improves the ability for nurses and doctors to monitor patients but also allows patients to control their room temperature, lighting and smart television from the comfort of their beds. 

The Private Suites are supplied with all the features of a Private Room but have an adjoining room to provide patients, their families and visitors with much more space. This additional room is furnished with comfortable sofas, chairs, dining table and television, and with another washroom.