Prevention is the best cure
​Healthy lifestyle builds a strong foundation for mental, physical and emotional stability. While healthy habits can help boost energy and increase your inner strength, there are other things you can do to lower your health risk:

  1. Get your cholesterol checked
  2. Keep track of your blood pressure
  3. Watch your body mass
  4. Manage blood sugar levels
  5. Get restful sleep
  6. Visit a doctor regularly
  7. Don't miss regular health screening
  8. Don't miss your vaccinations

These measures help identify any health risk factors, help you keep track of your health and prevent disease from progressing once screened and treated on time. This is important through all stages of life, not just to maintain your health but monitor any decline over time.

​The WHO country profile shows that in Pakistan High Blood Pressure (BP), Heart diseases, Diabetes, Chronic respiratory diseases, Cancers and Smoking contribute to significant deaths every year, thus making preventive care even more important.

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