Invest in your Eyes, not your glasses.


Clear eyesight is something we all desire. But, at times, we may be born with conditions that necessitate the use of spectacles to help us see better.

If you find it inconvenient to handle spectacles and contact lenses daily, you can opt for other very effective solutions. Femto-LASIK is one of the most reliable and effective alternatives to spectacles and contact lens.

Femto-LASIK is effective for myopia (nearsightedness – where you can see objects near to you clearly). Hyperopia (farsightedness – it's easy for you to better see objects that are far away). Astigmatism (blurred distance and near vision - where the cornea is irregular and lights rays do not focus at a common point on the retina).


Femto-LASIK is generally a quick and entirely pain-free laser treatment with an approximate turnaround time between 10-20 minutes for each eye. It has been the world standard in laser refractive correction for many years. It is performed in the AKUH daycare refractive suite, and patients can see with maximum potential within one week.


Eligibility for Femto-LASIK is dependent on multiple factors and can be decided only after detailed consultation and examination by your Eye Specialist. The procedure involves a corneal scan and eye examination after dilatation. The usual recovery period after LASIK is one week, and your doctor shall allow you to resume your daily activities after that.

Your doctor may advise you to discontinue the use of contact lenses few weeks before surgery. On the day of Femto-LASIK, you will be advised not to wear any perfume, makeup, or creams on the face. Also, have someone to drive or accompany you home.


After the surgery, the doctor may place a protective shield on the eyes. You will be prescribed eye drops or oral medications after surgery for a specific duration of time. You are usually expected to return for follow up next day and then in the ensuing weeks and months.

With modern and safe surgery, LASIK is one of the safest procedures not just in ophthalmology but in the whole human body. The overall risk of mild complications is 1%.

If you seek further information, contact any of our trusted and competent LASIK surgeons by booking your appointment on 021-111-911-911 or by requesting the appointment online​.​