​​Take care of your heart, for yourself, your environment, and your loved ones.

How to keep your heart healthy?

Follow a healthy routine to prevent heart disease.

  1. Eat a balanced diet
  2. Reduce intake of salt and high-fat meals
  3. Exercise regularly - a 30 minute walk everyday is good for your heart health
  4. Quit smoking and chewing tobacco
  5. Regularly monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels especially if you're hypertensive or have risk factors.

Participate in our Heart Walk Challenge

Celebrate World Heart Month this year by pledging to 'create a movement for movement'. Join us in this global initiative by participating in our heart walk.

STEP 1: Download any step-counting app on your phone such as Strava, Map My Run, RunKeeper or any other app you are already using or like.

STEP 2: Plan out a heart-shaped route for yourself.

STEP 3: Walk, run, or bike in your neighborhood and complete your heart challenge.

STEP 4: Take a screenshot of your route and steps, and post it on this heart wall we have set up: https://padlet.com/AKUH/ufrmwi5wbuqn3pbb.​

STEP 5: Take care of your health by making exercise a habit and part of your everyday life!

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Pledge to protect your heart for yourself, your environment, and humanity.​