Hepatitis C is a silent disease, which means usually people don’t have symptoms and don’t know they are infected till their liver starts getting damaged and they move towards cirrhosis and liver cancer​. However, the disease is completely treatable if the infection is diagnosed in the early stages. Highly effective medicines are also available in Pakistan but patients often don't know they have the disease till its too late. Effective screening can eliminate it completely.

Pakistan has the largest burden of Hepatitis C-infected patients; nearly 8 million people are infected with the disease. In 2016, the World Health Assembly pledged to treat and eliminate Hepatitis C by 2030. In this regard, and if this target has to be achieved, 90% of the infected people have to be diagnosed with this deadly virus and have access to treatment.

The Aga University Hospital, based on its guiding principles of Impact, Quality, Relevance, and Access, has embarked upon a programme for the elimination of Hepatitis C. This programme has been launched through AKUH's network of Outreach Medical Centres with the support of Getz Pharma, Roche Diagnostics, Patient Behbud Society for AKUH and AKUH's Patient Welfare Programme with the aim of free-of-cost treatment of 12,000 patients who otherwise cannot afford the cost of this treatment. It is collaborations like these which can help us eliminate Hepatitis C from the country

Under its Hepatitis C Elimination Programme, the Aga Khan University Hospital offers FREE Rapid Test Screening for Hepatitis C at select Medical Centres listed below. 

In addition, complete treatment is also offered to patients who test positive and is supported by generous partners.

This World Hepatitis Day, AKU's Outreach Health Network is offering discounted screening and diagnostic packages from its 291 locations of labs in 126 cities of Pakistan. In addition, we are also offering treatment packages from our Outreach Medical Centres which are spread throughout the country.

On this World Hepatitis Day, pledge to screen yourself and your loved ones. 

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This programme is available at below select Medical Centres.​

​Medical Centres - Outreach Services
Hepatitis C Elimination Programme​
​Medical Centre
​Address and Contact Information



Plot # 423/16, Darakhshan Housing Society Kalaboard, Malir, Karachi
021-34494516 | 021-34519825
​Plot # S1 and SL1, Korangi # 3 1/2 Near PCO Pump, Karachi
021-35120151 | 021-35120152
​Rashid Minhas
​Plot No.5, Ground Floor, Workers Cooperative Housing Society, Block 10-A,
Gulshan e Iqbal, Rashid Minhas Road
021-34814819 | 021-34814811​

​Sachal Colony Opposite City Medical Centre, Larkana
​Opposite Sindh bank Quetta Road, Jacobabad 
​Opposite Main Primary School, Hospital Road, Nawabshah
024-4365231 | 024-4365232


​Jail Road 89-H, Adjacent McDonald's Jail Road, Lahore
042-35408610 | 042-35408611 | 042-35408494
Ground Floor, Allah Baksh Plaza, 47 Pul, Lahore Road, Sargodha
048-3213392 | 048-3213391
​Aga Khan Medical Center, Chungi # 6 Near PTCL Exchange Bosan Road, Multan
​NW 797,AKUH Medical Centre Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi
0514581081 | 0514581027
​G.T Road, Haji Camp, Near WAPDA Grid Station, Amin Colony, Peshawar
091-2261547 | 091-2264081

​We are grateful for the support of our campaign partners.​