​The Aga Khan University Hospital Is Awarded The Gold Standard Accreditation
by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) 

The Only CAP Accredited Clinical Laboratories in Pakistan

Why Seek CAP Accreditation? 

Because Patient Safety is at the core of AKUH’s guiding principles. Patient Safety can only be achieved when physicians have fast and accurate test results that they can rely on to make a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment. 

The College of American Pathologists (CAP's) Laboratory Accreditation Program accredits the entire spectrum of laboratory test disciplines with the most scientifically rigorous customized checklist requirements. The CAP's peer-based inspector model provides a unique balance of regulatory and educational coaching supported by the most respected worldwide pathology organization. The Laboratory Accreditation Program inspects a variety of laboratory settings from complex university medical centers to physician office laboratories, and covers a complete array of disciplines and testing procedures. ​

The Aga Khan University Hospital’s Clinical Laboratories have met all the 3,655 standards required for CAP accreditation and are the only laboratories in Pakistan to have achieved such certification of World Class quality Testing. This accreditation certifies that the AKUH Clinical Laboratories are adhering to international standards that are necessary for fast and accurate testing that leads to correct diagnosis and proper treatment.​


  • Patients can feel confident that the test result is accurate.
  • Patients can get the test results quickly to the doctor.
  • Doctors can make a correct diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment if results are accurate.
  • Patients can obtain treatment early and get better sooner.​
  • Laboratory applies and completes application
  • Receives custom checklist and prepares for inspection 
  • The CAP assigns inspector/team for assessment
  • Inspection conducted (3 month window). 
  • Laboratory corrects observed deficiencies and proves compliance
  • Meets CAP requirements and acquires accreditation for 2 years 
  • Performs self-inspection at year two.   ​​

What You Need to Know