What You Can Expect When You Arrive at the Hospital


  • Visit the patient Admission Office to register, if you haven't done so already. You will be required to deposit the payment (either partially or in full, depending on the case) to register the patient and get admission. 

  • When you arrive at the ward, the nurse will show you to your hospital bed. All our hospital ward areas are air-conditioned and have ceiling fans for your comfort and convenience. 

  • All patient beds are fitted with side rails for your safety. You will have an adjustable over-the-bed table where your meals will be served. 

  • Beside your bed and in the bathroom is an emergency call bell that you can use to request for assistance. 

  • The staff will show you where you may unpack your personal items. Please store them safely especially when leaving your bed. The hospital cannot take responsibility, for the theft, loss or damage to  any personal belongings. 

  • You will get an identification name band that you must wear around your wrist or ankle all times. Please check that it captures your information correctly.

  • You will be asked to change into hospital clothing that will be provided. 

  • A member of the nursing or ward staff will help you feel comfortable and settled in.

  • Your doctor, nurse and/ or ward coordinator will come to see you to discuss the purpose of your stay and details of any planned treatment, procedure or surgery.