Before Arriving to the Hospital for Your S​urgery

  • Make sure you have planned with your family members and/ or friends to help take care of you, bring you to the hospital, take you home and stay with you after the surgery.

  • Plan to wear loose and comfortable clothing that is easy to change in and out of and do not wear any make up, nail polish or apply any creams on the day of your surgery. The colour of your skin, lips and nails is important to the anaesthesiologist (doctor specially trained to keep you unconsciousness or free from pain during the surgery).

  • Your surgeon will have asked you to visit the Anaesthesia Clinic for a routine check-up at least a day before your scheduled surgery date. This check-up is necessary to ensure that you are in a suitable condition for anaesthesia and surgery. It will also help reduce any delay that may result due to any special tests that may be required before surgery. The anaesthesiologist will inform you about any pain you may feel after the surgery and how it can be managed.

  • You may need to stop taking certain kinds of medication before your surgery. This may be in order to prevent excessive bleeding and avoid any complications. Discuss this with your surgeon.

  • You may be asked to take certain medications prior to your surgery. This may be in order to prevent blood clotting and avoid any complications. Discuss this with your surgeon.

  • A representative from the Day Care Surgery Services will call you on the telephone one working day before the surgery to confirm your arrival time and provide you with any additional information, if necessary. Unfortunately, there may be occasions when scheduled patient surgery times may have to be changed due to other unexpected emergencies.

  • Check your hospital admission details (Surgeon Name, Admission Time, Ward or Room Location).

  • Do not drink or eat anything for at least 6 hours before your surgery or as advised by the surgeon.

  • If you feel sick and have a fever on the day of surgery​ or seve​ral days before your surgery, call your surgeon or the Hospital immediately. We may need to reschedule.