What to Expect After Your S​urgery

  • After your surgery, if you have had general anaesthesia, you will be taken to the recovery room where you will be kept under the close observation of our doctors and nurses. The time you spend in the recovery room will depend on the type and length of your surgery. Your family will not be allowed to enter the recovery room.

  • You may experience some shivering as you wake up from a general anaesthesia​. Your body's internal thermostat that keeps you warm is not working when you are anaesthetized, so your temperature can decrease. If you do awaken shivering, we will warm you in the recovery room with a warming blanket and you may receive medication to decrease the symptoms.

  • You may feel nausea (vomiting) after the surgery.

  • If you have had local anaesthesia, you will be moved back to the day care ward when the doctors and nurses feel you are stable.

  • You will likely have a surgical dressing that covers the incisions and stiches on your body where the surgeon has operated.

  • You may feel some discomfort and pain. Our medical staff will do their best to help you manage any pain.

  • You may be given some juice to drink and a sandwich to eat, and allowed to rest until you are ready to go home.