​​Compassionate Doctors Provide Emotional Ease During Treatment: A Patient's Story​​​​

Surgery is hard for everyone, but for Hydris,  whose bread and butter is intricately linked with his level of fitness, going under the knife was painful both on the personal and professional fronts. Hydris Wajiuddin is one of Karachi’s most well-known fitness instructors, whom celebrities and others across the country swear by. Being in the public eye made Hydris's personal journey, very public, ill-affording him the ​​privacy he needed to deal with this.

Belonging to a family with a strong history of cancer, the tumor behind his earlobe was a devastating, but not a totally unexpected discovery. It was pressing his facial nerves and simple tasks such as chewing food became agonizing. The tension in his suppressed facial nerves hindered his exercise routine and he was advised to refrain from weight lifting. For Hydris, whose endorphins are connected and driven by his workouts, his everyday mood and happiness depended on his workout and thinking about living a life without exercise was a true nightmare.

However, Hydris was not willing to give in, and sought care at the Aga Khan University Hospital, in the capable hands of Dr. Mumtaz Jamshed . Maintaining a strong relationship with AKUH since the age of twelve served as that ground of trust and reliability for him. He was amazed at the discussions he had with Dr. Mumtaz, who even drew a star on his body to map his region of surgery to ensure quality care that left no margin for error. 

Before the surgery, Hydris was warned of fat extraction and complications around his facial disposition and jaw restriction. Fat had to be extracted from his body to use in the reconstruction of his face; his thigh or belly had to be pierced to remove this fat. ​This added to the stress, Hydris had about his surgery, but the calm confidence of Dr. Mumtaz and team, gave him the emotional support he needed to pull through.

Hydris really believes that the staff at AKUH went the extra mile in calming his nerves and says is success story would be incomplete without mentioning a few names; Isa, John, Begum Naheed, Khadeeja were among the few he appreciated. The support he received, enforced the kind of faith he placed in his doctors and professional caregivers.  

Hydris’s story highlights that a patient's treatment success relies on the cure of the disease but also on how much their stress and worries are alleviated and comfort ensured. Having instinctive faith in your caregivers is the key to much of the healing. Hydri's faith in the medical team at AKUH, helped him heal and meet his goal of hitting the gym in less time than anticipated, defining his success in beating the disease.