Mohammad Amin is a 40 years old salesman from Quaidabad, Karachi. He has a wife and four beautiful children. He holds a strong skill set in marketing, and have been a part of salesmanship for quite a long time. He was living happily with his family until suddenly he experienced severe liver pain in June 2017. 

Due to recurrent pain, he got tested at a clinical laboratory upon which he discovered that he has Hepatitis C. 

“Usually, when a person hears about Hepatitis C, they get very disturbed, and so did I," said Amin. "However, nowadays it is possible to be cured. Therefore, I had a hope that I too can be treated.”

The reason behind the hidden fear of Mohammad Amin was the severity of the disease which can change its shape from a mild illness to a lifelong sickness. 

Amin decided to follow the way of experience to cure himself. He discussed his disease with a friend who had been a victim of Hepatitis C in past. His friend shared his journey of Hepatitis C treatment as: “I went to a number of doctors in Karachi, but didn’t get a proper treatment. I was devastated and was hopeless until I found out about the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Medical Centre Hepatitis C packages. I availed those packages, and received the best possible treatment.” 

Amin checked into other local hospitals in Karachi because of affordability concerns, and then came to the AKUH, Medical Centre, Quaidabad on his friend’s suggestion. He said: “I never thought about going to the AKUH, Medical Centre because I always thought that it will be unaffordable. However, I was proved wrong.  When I visited the Medical Centre, I was surprised to know about the highest quality healthcare provided here for an affordable price.” 

Amin’s journey at AKUH, Medical Centre, Quaidabad was divided into 3 stages: screening, diagnosis and treatment. It took him 6 months to free himself off the disease.  

His hope of getting treated turned into reality. He recovered, and now he is living a happy and healthy life with his family.