​​​Patient Anamullah Walks Again ​

​Amanullah Rind, is a resident of Karachi and a retired treasury banking professional from the State Bank of Pakistan. He was leading a normal life until 2014, when he developed pain and irritability in the movement of his right leg. Before coming to the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Amanullah was diagnosed with Septic Arthritis, a medical condition in which a joint, commonly the knee joint, gets painful because of infection by germs which can travel through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. Despite medical treatment including multiple surgeries, his knee joint remained painful and eventually he lost all movement in his knee. An active and cheerful Amanullah ended up bedridden and had trouble in performing routine activities. Besides mobility becoming an extremely difficult challenge, the pain was unbearable. 

It was not only Amanullah, but his entire family was also struggling because of his pain and immobility. However, Amanullah did not lose hope and the motivation to start walking again. After five years of struggle, and many rounds of consultation and treatment at various private hospitals in Karachi, he and his family decided to come to the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) for treatment. 

Amanullah and his family met Dr. Mujahid Jamil, a UK trained Orthopedic surgeon with special expertise in Hip and Knee Surgery, in February 2019 for the first time.

They discussed his medical history in detail. “We were pleasantly surprised by the empathetic care and cooperation of Dr. Mujahid and his entire team. We were provided with the Doctor’s personal contact details in case of any questions or concerns”, said Maryam Asad, daughter of Amanullah. 

While discussing his complex and challenging two-stage knee replacement surgery that was then carried out in May 2019, Amanullah recalled how Dr. Mujahid had comforted and provided moral support to him and his family prior to the surgery. As he stood up for the first time after the surgery, using his walking aide, the tying strings of his trousers were obstructing his first steps. Immediately Dr. Mujahid noticed and instantly knelt down to tie the strings. “I saw him tying the strings of my trousers and I was deeply touched to see his compassionate gesture”, said Amanullah who had been waiting five years to be cured.

While speaking on nursing care, Amanullah shared his experience to be excellent. The nursing staff made sure that they educated his family on home care, such as dressing changes and avoiding bedsores. 

“Because of my exceptional experience of the care and treatment I received, I now insist on coming only to the Aga Khan University Hospital for all types of healthcare consultation”, remarked Amanullah. 

Amanullah underwent physiotherapy for several months after the surgery and showed remarkable signs of recovery. The pain in his knee has now completely disappeared and mobility has improved to the extent that he can stand on his feet and walk comfortably using the walking aid. Amanullah remains positive and is looking forward to walking without any support in the very near future.