​Asma ​Welcomes her Little Bundle of Joy​​​

​Asma was in her 40th week of pregnancy and had not yet felt any labour pains. She was getting increasingly worried. Were she and her baby doing fine? Was there a problem? These thoughts were continuously plaguing her, on top of her persistent fear about delivering in the pandemic. Was everything going to be alright?

She and her husband gathered their courage and decided to visit the Urgent Care Services at the Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre (AKMCCC), Hyderabad​. Once here, the doctors and staff took over, checked her and did a detailed assessment of her and her baby. She was finally in competent hands.

She recalls, “It was only after we reached AKMCCC that I breathed easy. My husband and I were relieved when we saw all the extraordinary safety measures being taken at this hospital.” 

Asma’s assessment showed that her baby was constantly in an upward position and wasn’t moving which is why she was not feeling any labour pains. She was recommended a C-section right away. 

The C-section went smoothly and within a few hours, Asma held her little baby in her arms. She and her husband decided to name their little bundle of joy, Alvira. Mum and baby soon were ready to go home and little Alvira has become the centre of her mum and dad’s world in no time!

Reflecting back, Asma acknowledges that had she and her husband not made the decision to visit the AKMCCC Urgent Care Services on time, she and her baby might have faced serious complications. Today she is sharing her story so that other expecting parents know that they should rush to Urgent Care if they feel any issues in their pregnancy.

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