​He Saved My Sight and Future

“We took Moiz to three different hospitals after he was hit by a toy in the eye. All threepronounced him blind and failed to provide him immediate medical attention”, recounted Sadaf, 9-year old Moiz’s mother.

Moiz was playing with a retractable toy when it accidentally snapped and flew at him, hitting his eye and injuring it severely. The eyeball ruptured and its contents spilled out. 

Sadaf said how she had lost all hope when she finally came to The Aga University Hospital, Main Campus, Karachi for her son’s wounded eye. 

Upon arrival at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Main Campus, Karachi, Moiz was admitted for surgery within two hours. Dr. Irfan Jeeva, Eye Surgeon and Service Line Chief for the ​Eye and ENT Service Line​,​ came in for the emergency surgery that began at midnight and continued for the next five hours. The surgical team was led by Dr. Irfan Jeeva and involved a total of ten people focused on repairing the damaged eye. 

The surgical process was crucial to prevent the onset of sympathetic ophthalmia, an inflammatory disease that attacks the good eye and could lead to permanent visual loss, if the injured eye is not repaired immediately. 

The first surgery was aimed at repairing the ruptured eye and restoring vision. The later, more specialised surgeries focused on repairing the structures: lens, iris, and pupil of the eye. 

Commenting on the success of the operation, Sadaf emotionally expressed, “When we took him home after the second surgery, he had a​ bandage on his eye. When we removed it after two days, I couldn’t believe Moiz was seeing me with both his eyes.”

Highlighting the level of trust between the patient and the doctor, Dr. Irfan Jeeva commented,

“Essential to any surgical procedure and recovery is the trust that the patient has with the hospital and its doctors. In the end, that’s what matters.​”

Moiz’s eyesight improved from not being able to see anything, to recovering more than 80% of his vision. He will continue to visit Eye and ENT Service Line clinic for on-going support and care.

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