​Home Physiotherapy Services - A Blessing​​​

​“It was Friday evening around 7 pm when my brother called to inform me that our mother had fallen down,” says Mrs. Moosa’s daughter as she narrates the story of her mother’s injury and how the Home Health Services of the Aga Khan University Hospital helped her to stand on her feet again.​

Mrs. Moosa had a great fall at her own home while attempting to get up from her chair. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. The family was advised by the doctor that she had severely injured her back and fractured the tail bone of her spine and the only treatment for such fractures was complete bed rest for at least 6 weeks.

Before she fell down, Mrs. Moosa was very active in the home, was able to walk independently and regularly went out with her family for dinners. Even at the age of 75, she independently did all her chores. It was hard for her family to see her lying in bed all day. Gradually she began hallucinating, not able to remember the names of her family members and showed bouts of depression. The family got worried with each passing day and it was becoming very difficult for them to manage her situation, even though they had hired a full time helper to take care of her. 

“We have a nurse from the Aga Khan University Hospital in our neighborhood who happened to visit my mom one day. It was she who told us about the Home Health Care Services at the Aga Khan University Hospital.” said Mrs. Moosa’s daughter. Without any delay, the family contacted Home Health Services of the Aga Khan University Hospital. “We first opted for home consultation services and Dr. Faizan would visit my mother as in when required. He further suggested starting with Home Physiotherapy as well.” 

“I am glad we opted for Home Health Services. They sent their best team of Doctor and Physiotherapist. As time passed by, my mother’s hallucinations and depression attacks simmered down drastically.” ​

Mrs. Moosa’s daughter further shares that her mother would specifically ask for Dr. Faizan to come to visit her as he would sit with her for almost an hour, chatting, counselling and encouraging her that one day she will be back on her feet again. In almost 3 months, Mrs. Moosa managed to sit and walk with some help. 

The family continues to use Home Health Services very regularly and now with the launch of Door to Door blood sample collection services, they were also able to continue with Mrs. Moosa’s routine blood tests.