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            The Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan

The Aga Khan University Hospital Has Massive Impact in Pakistan

<p>As per the research conducted by Centennial Group International, The Aga Khan University Hospital leads the way towards a prosperous and sustainable healthcare system with its huge economic impact in Pakistan. AKUH treats 1.3 million patients annually and is a role model that influences other institutions and multiple professions, benefitting the public at large.</p><p> In the words of the study&#39;s authors, the Aga Khan University is  &quot;a national innovator and a powerhouse for quality,&quot; and &quot;a nationwide role model for high quality tertiary education and medical care.&quot; As such, the University and Hospital is improving health care and education in the public and private sectors, empowering women and those who are disadvantaged, and generating solutions to critical problems through research.</p><p>Nearly 500,000 low-income patients were able to access care at AKUH thanks to financial support from its <strong><a href="/pakistan/patients-families/welfare-zakat-assistance/Pages/welfare-programme.aspx">Patient Welfare Programme</a>​</strong> and from the Patients&#39; Behbud Society which distributes Zakat. Rs. 1.47Bn* in patient welfare and zakat was provided in 2015 (Rs 1.34 Billion in Patient welfare alone), and 100% of eligible patients who seek patient welfare receive financial support. In addition, 42,000 hospitals inpatients benefitted from 35% subsidy on its general ward hospital beds. About 1 in 10 inpatients at AKUH earns less than Rs. 205 ($2) per day. The report says that the Aga Khan University Hospital has repeatedly provided life-saving medical care to victims of terrorist attacks and has sought to improve Pakistan&#39;s preparedness for mass casualty events.</p><p>The Aga Khan University Hospital became the first in Pakistan to meet the rigorous quality standards of the U.S.-based Joint Commission International (JCI). Influencing Laboratories &amp; Pharmacies When, in 2017, the Aga Khan University Hospital&#39;s clinical laboratory became the first in Pakistan accredited by the College of American Pathologists; it once again raised the bar for quality. The Hospital&#39;s pharmacy also has been an exemplar, leading the shift from a sales-focused to a patient-focused approach, and assisting regulators AKU has made key contributions to 12 globally influential series and commission reports on maternal/child health and nutrition in The Lancet, one of the world&#39;s top medical journals.</p>
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